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IMSH 2020 Resources and Recap

Charles River Analytics, developer of intelligent systems solutions, recently showcased our adaptive intelligent training solutions at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH). IMSH is the world’s largest conference for healthcare simulation learning, research, and scholarship.

From January 18-22, 2020, in San Diego, CA, we were part of a global community that included 3,000+ physicians, nurses, educators, administrators, technology specialists, and others involved in healthcare medical simulation.

Dr. Peter Weyhrauch gives us an exclusive look at the medical simulation training technology we demonstrated at IMSH 2020.

Thank you for stopping by and viewing our adaptive intelligent training technology. In case you missed us, we demoed:

  • EFECTIVE, our system that trains medical personnel on care and logistics in mass casualty scenarios
  • VITAMMINS, our medical skill and training tutor that automatically adapts training content to meet individual learning needs
  • CHARACTER, our screen-based simulator and adaptive tutor for rehearsing key decision-making skills during initial trauma assessment
  • TMT, our mobile tourniquet technology skill training and assessment system
  • fNIRS Pioneer™ and fNIRS Explorer™, our miniaturized and ruggedized wearable brain sensors

Watch Mike Farry, VP of Socio-Cognitive System, discuss and demo our fNIRS wearables.

What Is Adaptive Intelligent Training?

Our training platforms empower the individual and the organization to deliver peak performance. But how? Adaptive intelligent training optimizes the learning process by:

  • Adapting to individual needs
  • Applying AI to make training more effective and efficient over time with scalable techniques

With adaptive intelligent training, you can reduce training costs and improve skill levels across your organization.

Listen to Dr. James Niehaus, Principal Scientist, explain our unique approach to adaptive intelligent training.

Thank you again for making our time at IMSH 2020 such a success!

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