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Dr. Greg Zacharias Serves as Co-Chair of NRC Study on Organizational Models

Committee Presents Report on “Behavior Modeling and Simulation: from Individuals to Societies”

Dr. Greg Zacharias, President of Charles River Analytics, served as Co-Chair of the National Research Council’s project entitled Organizational Models: from Individuals to Societies. Under sponsorship by the United States Air Force, a committee of thirteen experts participated in a three-year effort evaluating the state-of-the-art in developing and applying individual, organizational, and societal (IOS) models of human behavior, culminating in a broad set of recommendations for future Science and Technology investments for the Department of Defense.

“The broad spectrum of missions facing today’s military – including defeating multinational counterterrorist organizations, providing homeland security, and shaping the directions of nations at strategic crossroads – calls for an understanding of the adversary that is significantly more wide-ranging than when dealing with traditional force-on-force conflicts,” Dr. Zacharias explained. “Development of IOS behavioral models and simulations that are well-founded theoretically and well-validated empirically can provide the Department of Defense with a deeper understanding of adversary behavior in these situations, to better support operations, training, and acquisition.”

Dr. Zacharias said, “It was a distinct honor and privilege to work with such an esteemed and dedicated group of professionals, particularly my co-chair, Dr. Jean MacMillan. I also wish to thank the National Academies staff who provided us with tremendous support, and to acknowledge my indebtedness to key staff members at Charles River who picked up in my many absences, allowing me to contribute in a focused manner to the NRC effort. I believe that this report will have significant downstream influence on short-, mid-, and long-term investments in behavioral science, technology, and engineering.”

A final briefing was presented at the National Academies Headquarters in Washington, DC, on May 2nd, 2008.

The study’s findings are documented in the report, Behavior Modeling and Simulation: from Individuals to Societies, available through the National Academies Press Web site at

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