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Dr. Greg Zacharias Delivers Keynote Address at the First International Workshop on Social Computing, Behavior Modeling, and Prediction

Dr. Zacharias Discusses Findings from National Research Council Study, “Behavioral Modeling and Simulation: from Individuals to Societies”

Charles River Analytics, Inc. – PHOENIX, AZ – Dr. Greg Zacharias, President of Charles River Analytics, delivered a keynote address at the First International Workshop on Social Computing, Behavior Modeling, and Prediction, which took place on April 1-2, 2008, in Phoenix, Arizona. The workshop included speakers from government, industry, and academia and was sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

Dr. Zacharias presented findings from the National Research Council’s Committee on Organizational Modeling from Individuals to Societies, which he co-chaired with Dr. Jean MacMillan of Aptima, Inc. The study’s findings are documented in the report, Behavior Modeling and Simulation: from Individuals to Societies (June, 2008), available through the National Academies Press Web site at

Dr. Zacharias said, ”One of the major goals of the NRC study was to identify gaps in our modeling and simulation science and technology base, and to provide guidance for future research community investments aimed at narrowing those gaps. A number of our recommendations focused on developing integrated cross-disciplinary research programs, workshops, and conferences aimed at bringing together disparate S&T communities, simulation users, and program managers. This Workshop on Social Computing is precisely the kind of activity we have called out in the NRC study, and hope that it is the beginning of a long line of similar cross-specialty opportunities to trade insights and techniques across behavioral researchers and model users.”

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