Mixed Reality Simulation of Emergent Roadway Technology for System Validation and Evaluation

Flowers, B.A., Bird, L., Negri, A., Duggan, D., and Jenkins, M.

Presented at the 2nd Automated Driving Systems Conference & Expo, “How Revolutionary Might Shared and Autonomous Mobility Be: Some Insights from Recent Evidence,” Las Vegas, NV  (November 2019)

Connected vehicle technology presents new opportunities to improve human safety and efficiency. However, it can be prohibitively difficult to test the advantages or risks brought by this technology due to issues brought by lack of infrastructure, risk to users, and costs incurred by the potential breadth of testing. Careful use of mixed-reality simulators allow for human subject evaluations and refinement of these technologies in ecologically valid environments leveraging native control interfaces, while allowing developers to prototype a variety of alternate configurations to gather data on the factors most necessary for positive health outcomes, and to understand user reception to technology before the infrastructure is available. In this talk we will briefly discuss the V2X system we developed to improve cyclist safety, and the subsequent human subject testing performed within our connected city simulator to perform preliminary testing and validation of the system before deployment in fully connected ITS environments.

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