Transdisciplinary Team Research to Develop Theory of Mind in Human-AI Teams

Fiore, S.1, Bracken, B.2, Demir, M.3, Freeman, J.4, Lewis, M.5

2020 Human Factors and Ergonomics Society International Annual Meeting (October 2020)

This panel provided a transdisciplinary perspective on developing artificial social intelligence for teams. A panel with representatives from the cognitive, computational, and neural sciences discussed theoretical, methodological, and technological insights derived from their respective disciplines. These perspectives were integrated via a set of questions meant to guide synthesis across disciplines in support of a transdisciplinary team research approach. Through discussion across the panel and audience, our goal was to contribute to research and development in the area of Human-AI-Robot teaming effectiveness.

1 University of Central Florida (Moderator & Organizer)
2 Charles River Analytics
3 Arizona State University
4 Aptima
5 University of Pittsburgh

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