Designing Federated Architectures for Multimodal Interface Design and Human Computer Interaction in Virtual Environments

Thiry, E., Wollocko, A., Kingsley, C., Flowers, A., Bird, L., and Jenkins, M.

2nd International Conference on Human Systems Engineering and Design: Future Trends and Applications (IHSED 2019), Munich, Germany (September 2019)

Advances in 3D immersive environments offer great potential for collaboration in circumstances that rely heavily on 3D visual models for collaboration, coordination, and data visualization (e.g., construction, medical, architecture). As existing platforms quickly evolve, become more widespread, and research aims to validate the benefits of AR/VR over more traditional platforms, user-centered approaches become more important, especially when supporting multiple users in 3D immersive environments. This article discusses our experience designing an adaptable, non-domain-specific, federated architecture for multimodal systems and virtual environments based on Human Factors and Human Computer Interaction methodologies.

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