Using Sociocultural Data from Online Gaming and Game Communities

Guarino, S., Eusebi, L., Bracken, B., and Jenkins, M.

Socio-behavior modeling

In Social-Behavioral Modeling for Complex Systems, Paul K. Davis, Angela O’Mahony, and Jonathan Pfautz (Eds) (April 2019)

This volume describes frontiers in social-behavioral modeling for contexts as diverse as national security, health, and on-line social gaming. Recent scientific and technological advances have created exciting opportunities for such improvements. However, the book also identifies crucial scientific, ethical, and cultural challenges to be met if social-behavioral modeling is to achieve its potential. Doing so will require new methods, data sources, and technology. The volume discusses these, including those needed to achieve and maintain high standards of ethics and privacy. The result should be a new generation of modeling that will advance science and, separately, aid decision-making on major social and security-related subjects despite the myriad uncertainties and complexities of social phenomena.

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