Spatial Degradation of Color Discrimination in Augmented Reality

Flowers, B. A., Wollocko, A., Kingsley, C., Thiry, E., and Jenkins, M.

10th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2019), Washington D.C. (July 2019)

Stereoscopic Augmented Reality displays are known to degrade the color perception of users. Using a spatially-aware color matching task, we performed a repeated trial study in which participants used one of three waveguide-based augmented reality headsets (Microsoft Hololens, DAQRI, or a MagicLeap One), compared against a desktop monitor, to investigate the degradation of color discrimination when using waveguide-based augmented reality headsets. We found that the luminance of the visual stimuli would inform the degree of degradation in color discrimination. Furthermore, use of the selected augmented reality headsets introduced a significant spatial selection bias during the color matching task, suggesting that color-shifting, caused by the spatial position of the visual stimuli in the headset, will exacerbate the degradation of color discrimination found in augmented reality.

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