Characterizing the Limits of Visual Field Augmentation in Augmented Reality: Psychophysical Foundations for Design and Mode Transition Acclimation Strategies

Jenkins, M., Kingsley, C., and Flowers, B.A.

Panel Presentation at the 22nd Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference, New Orleans, LA (March 2019)

The impact of augmented reality displays on the human perceptual system will vary across headsets. Because of this, the display used for any solution should be selected with an awareness of the interaction between the limitations imposed by the display and the existent environmental factors, which can represent a risk to human safety or the goals of the operational task. To better characterize the limitations of contemporary augmented reality displays, we performed a trade study of the known characteristics of these displays and performed a battery of human subject tests to evaluate the way these displays will degrade visual perception, which will improve human safety and efficiency by assisting end-users in their display selection and task design process.

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