How to Develop New Biosignals Based Products: PLUX Approach to Design New Products Based on Human Biosignals

Plux Wireless Signals and Bracken, B.

Access to human physiological, neurophysiological, and behavioral signals (biosignals) can revolutionize health solutions, scientific research across multiple fields, and everyday interaction between the digital and human worlds (e.g., through the internet of things, “smart” technologies, smartphone apps). One of the earliest capabilities to extract biosignals from humans were ECG recordings. Since then technology has been constantly evolving into a growing list of sensors capable of enabling a deeper understanding of the human physiological and cognitive state. Still there are a great number of challenges, both technical and methodological, that need to be tackled.

A combined effort between Charles River Analytics and and PLUX,  a biomedical engineering company focused on biosignals solutions development, generated a jointly owned solution, the fNIRS Pioneer™, that has been commercially deployed to 18 public and private research groups, in 10 different countries. Additionally Charles River was able to explore its Sherlock™ software in other human sensing projects, such as CAPT PICARD, where it has NASA with developing solution to measure, assess, and predict cognitive workload to assist astronauts or mission control in responding more effectively.

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