Predict and Analyze Novel and Emerging Diseases Enabled by Models of Infection Conditions

Prue, B.1, Voge, J.1, Mara, J.1, Wollocko, A.1, and Mekaru, S.2

Poster presentation at the International Conference of Human-Computer Interaction (HCII 2018), Las Vegas, NV (July 2018)

Incidents of infectious disease pose serious threats to armed forces worldwide, risking the success of critical operations and the deaths of Warfighters. Force medical personnel require support to predict and analyze the risk a disease will present in an area of operations (AO) to inform decision makers.

To provide this support, we have prototyped a system to Predict and Analyze Novel and emerging Diseases Enabled by Models of Infection Conditions (PANDEMIC).

PANDEMIC provides epidemiologists a modern system to share reproducable research findings and fosters practical applications of that research through accurate, extensible, and verifiable predictions that can be used by decision makers.

1 Charles River Analytics
2 Booz Allen Hamilton

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