Cognitive Control and Neuroeconomics

Winecoff, A. and Huettel, S.



In T. Egner (Ed.), The Wiley Handbook of Cognitive Control. West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. (2017).

The field of neuroeconomics aims to answer questions related to the neural mechanisms of reward function, decision making, risk and uncertainty processing in both social and non-social situations. Though neuroeconomics shares common methodological approaches with cognitive neuroscience, neuroeconomics has nevertheless proceeded apace from research on other aspects of cognition. Yet there exist promising avenues for research on cognitive control to influence neuroeconomics and vice versa. In this chapter, we highlight four potential links whereby cognitive control can (1) alter the process of valuation, (2) shape how people process risk and uncertainty, (3) change the strategies people apply in complex decisions, and (4) alter both short-term and long-term behaviors underlying natural decisions.

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