Cognitive Assessment and Monitoring Platform For Integrative Research (CAMPFIRE)

Elkin-Frankston, S.

Presented at the 2017 HealthMeasures User Conference, Chicago, IL (September 2017)

Over 14.5 million individuals in the United States today either live with or have a history of cancer (American Cancer Society, 2016). Thanks to rapid advances in cancer treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and other targeted biological therapies, an estimated 19 million cancer survivors will live in the U.S. by the year 2024 (American Cancer Society, 2014). Unfortunately, up to 70% of patients receiving chemotherapy suffer some level of cognitive decline (Ahles, Root, & Ryan, 2012; Ono et al., 2015; Wefel & Schagen, 2012). While cognitive deficits can be acute, chronic impairments, including deficits in working memory, verbal memory, and psychomotor functioning, can persist for years (Ahles et al., 2002; Collins, Mackenzie, Stewart, Bielajew, & Verma, 2009; Yamada, Denburg, Beglinger, & Schultz, 2010), and may even be delayed in onset (Wefel, Saleeba, Buzdar, & Meyers, 2010). To address the challenges, we designed and demonstrated a Cognitive Assessment and Monitoring Platform for Integrative Research (CAMPFIRE), a privacy-compliant software system to support the administration of cognitive assessment measures and facilitate secure provider-patient interaction. CAMPFIRE integrates well-validated cognitive assessment tools to assess and monitor subtle cognitive changes throughout the patients’ cancer treatment and survivorship phases. To accomplish this goal, we relied on our expertise in healthcare information technology, neuropsychology, and clinical oncology to develop a system to support the administration, assessment, and reporting requirements of cancer treatment and research.

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