Junctional and Inguinal Hemorrhage Simulation: Tourniquet Master Training

Kwan, C. 1, Laufer, S. 1, Contreras, M. 1, Weyhrauch, P. 2, Niehaus, J. 2, Palmon, N. 2, Bauchwitz, B. 2, Pugh, C. 1

Stud Health Technol Inform, 2016

Hemorrhages are the leading cause of potentially survivable combat mortalities when patients are unable to reach a treatment facility in time. New tourniquet devices have been developed to combat hemorrhages in the field. However, there is a lack in training systems to properly teach and assess users on tourniquet device application. We have developed an objective feedback system applicable to various full body manikins. We tested the system with expert users and received improvement feedback and verified the system’s usefulness in instructing and assessing correct tourniquet device use.

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1 Department of Surgery, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2 Charles River Analytics, Inc.