Towards Card-based User Interfaces Workspaces for Group Mission Planning

Kane, S., von Kelsch, E., Voshell, M., and Kilgore, R.

Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Supporting Group Work, Sanibel Island, FL (November 2016)

Current mission planning interfaces are difficult to understand, cumbersome to use, and do not support the collaborative aspect of group mission planning. To address this critical shortfall, we describe in this paper how we designed and demonstrated set of card-based user interfaces (card UIs) to increase the effectiveness of group mission planning workflows. These interfaces provide consistent visual structures for a diverse set of tasks across team members, enable members to understand progress across distributed tasks and facilitate situational awareness of the overall evolving mission plan. This paper describes key considerations for group mission planning activities and present examples of our card UI interface supporting group mission planning tasks.

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