Evaluating the Potential for Using Affect-Inspired Techniques to Manage Real-Time Systems

Neal Reilly, S., Fry, G., Guarino, S., Reposa, M., West, R., Costantini, R., and Johnston, J.

International Journal of Machine Consciousness, Volume 05, Issue 02 (December 2013)

We describe a novel affect-inspired mechanism to improve the performance of computational systems operating in dynamic environments. In particular, we designed a mechanism that is based on aspects of the fear response in humans to dynamically reallocate operating system-level central processing unit (CPU) resources to processes as they are needed to deal with time-critical events. We evaluated this system in the MINIX® and Linux® operating systems and in three different testing environments (two simulated, one live). We found the affect-based system was not only able to react more rapidly to time-critical events as intended, but since the dynamic processes for handling these events did not need to use significant CPU when they were not in time-critical situations, our simulated unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was able to perform even non-emergency tasks at a higher level of efficiency and reactivity than was possible in the standard implementation.

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