Designing an Adaptive Approach for the Real-Time Assessment and Augmentation of Performance of Cyber Analyst Teams

Bracken, B., Romero, V., Guarino, S., and Pfautz, J.

Presented at the 57th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES), San Diego, California, (October 2013)

Full-spectrum cyber operations, including both Cyber Network Attack and Cyber Network Defense, place enormous cognitive demands on operators and teams. When demands are too high or tasks are not properly allocated, performance degrades, and missions may fail. A thorough, real-time evaluation of the state of the individual and the team would be an effective approach to avoiding operator overload. We describe an approach that supports the real-time assessment and augmentation of team performance. First, the physiological and affective state and the behavioral performance of individual operators is measured by fusing data from individual sensors. Signals from individual operators are then fused to enable a comprehensive and holistic characterization of team performance. Advanced modeling techniques are then implemented to compare current team performance with optimal levels of performance. Finally, augmentation strategies are recommended to optimize performance of cyber teams.

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