Visualizing Large Scale Patterns and Anomalies in Geospatial Data

Stark1, R., Wollocko1, A., Borys2, M., Kierstead3, M., and Farry1, M.

Presented at VisWeek 2012, Seattle, WA (October 2012)

The Charles River Analytics solution to the VAST 2012 Mini-Challenge 1 quickly gives a user insight into the overall health of a large computer network across the entire globe while simultaneously highlighting anomalies in the data that could indicate security threats. The interface is designed to convey geospatial and more detailed information without cognitive overload and to allow the user to quickly delve into details of anomalies as they discover them. Using an in-house application framework, we designed a single, integrated display that uses innovative geospatial visualization and data analysis tools to allow users to quickly and accurately understand overall system health and anomalies with minimal cognitive load.

1 Charles River Analytics
2 Tufts University
3 UMASS Amherst

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