Modeling Resilient Submarine Decision Making

Stark1, R., Farry1, M, Thornton1, W., Wollocko1, A., Woods2, D., and Morison2, A.

To appear in Proceedings from the 2012 International Conference on Behavior Representation in Modeling Simulation (BRiMS), Amelia Island, FL (March 2012).

Decision making, especially in high pressure environments such as submarines, is dependent on the use of a large amount of information. To aid decision makers dealing with increasing amounts of complexity and stress, computational models can be used to process information relevant to decisions. However, effective outcomes often rely on the decision maker’s ability to mitigate risk. In risk management, different goals present their own constraints or risks that can be difficult for computational models to reason about. In particular, unforeseen circumstances present novel challenges to decision making, which can make brittle approaches fail. To address these challenges and introduce a greater degree of resilience, we present a novel agent-based approach in the context of submarine decision making.

1 Charles River Analytics
2 Ohio State University

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