Towards a Computational Model of Narrative Persuasion: A Broad Perspective

Niehaus1, J., Romero1, V., Pfautz1, J., Neal Reilly1, S., Gerrig2, R., and Weyhrauch1, P.

The Third Workshop on Computational Models of Narrative at the 2012 Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC’2012), Istanbul, Turkey (May 2012).

This paper presents a preliminary view on the elements of persuasive narratives from a computational perspective. We argue for a broad perspective of narrative persuasion, drawing on existing literature from multiple disciplines. We present a brief, first-steps analysis of the possible narrative elements that may influence narrative persuasion. Finally, we consider how these elements may influence the formation of narrative corpora.

1 Charles River Analytics
2 Stony Brook University

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