Model Decomposition for Reprogrammable Adversaries

Guarino, S., Stickgold, E., Ho, R., Pfautz, J., and Mahoney, S.

To appear in Proceedings from the 2012 International Conference on Behavior Representation in Modeling Simulation (BRiMS), Amelia Island, FL (March 2012).

While many military training simulators rely upon adversary behavior models, or agents, to provide effective training content, it is often difficult to update these models to address changing adversary capabilities and behaviors. These changes are often critical to capture as new capabilities and behaviors become more dominant (particularly in domains such as electronic or cyber warfare). Model developers—specifically domain experts who may have limited modeling experience—need intuitive tools and approaches to support the rapid construction and modification of behavior models that address evolving adversary systems and tactics. In this exploratory effort, we extended our agent-based modeling framework with a modular modeling approach that decomposes adversary models into small model elements that can be easily replaced or modified as tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) change.

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