Easing Behavior Authoring of Intelligent Entities for Training

Rosenberg, B., Furtak, M., Guarino, S., Harper, K., Metzger, M., Neal Reilly, S., Niehaus, J., and Weyhrauch, P.

Proceedings of the 20th Conference on Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation (BRIMS), Sundance, UT (March 2011)

This paper describes AgentWorks™, a system to help create rapid, affordable training experiences. We present a graphical authoring environment to enable training staff and other non-technical experts to rapidly develop and execute interactive behaviors for simulated entities. This environment embodies an extensible, component-based approach to modeling, supporting the integration of hybrid computational models to produce sophisticated behaviors. First, we present the modeling approach, including the development environment and the run-time engine. Second, we illustrate the benefit of this approach through a variety of Department of Defense case studies where this approach has been used to provide intelligent behavior of simulated entities for training. Finally, we discuss lessons learned in the development and testing of the environment.

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