Holistic SSA: A New Paradigm

Wagner1, D. and Gorman2, J.

2010 Space Control Conference, Cambridge, MA (2010)


Paradigms for Military Situational Awareness (SA) have influenced the current form of Space Situational Awareness (SSA). SA is traditionally limited to spatial awareness of players in a battle space. The current Space Surveillance Network’s mission emphasis on catalog maintenance and space object tracking demonstrates the priority given special awareness in SSA.


Space faring nations have recently demonstrated capabilities that could threaten U.S. space assets and even introduce the possibility of space warfare. A new paradigm for SSA is required to protect U.S. space interests. In this presentation, we proposed a Holistic SSA Approach that is based on parallels drawn from Business Intelligence (BI) models of decision-making.


BI models include:


  • Data extraction from disparate sources
  • Formation and sharing of information repositories
  • Analytic tools
  • Data visualizations


A Holistic SSA system will also possess the following critical characteristics that are not elements of today’s SSA mission.

  • Anticipate situations far left of a potential event
  • Provide insight into the “total” battlefield environment
  • Expose vulnerabilities and interdependencies of space actions
  • Optimize routine operations
  • Focuses attention on the relevant and important

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