A Metamodel Description Language for HSCB Modeling

Neal Reilly, S., Pfeffer, A., and Barnett, J.

In Schmorrow, D. and Nicholson, D. (Eds.) Advances in Cross-Cultural Decision Making, CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL (2010)

Accurate models of social and cultural behavior have the potential to dramatically improve strategic planning, but in order to be incorporated into decision-making, models must be validated. It is important to develop computational tools to support the efficient, deep, validation of theoretical social science models. An effective computational tool requires a representation that is sufficiently formal to be validated but not a specific computational implementation of the model. We call these model descriptions qualitative models or metamodels and the language they are described in as a metamodel description language. We present the motivating goals of our representation, its key elements, and examples of its use.

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