Pictorial Mnemonic-Based Tools for Procedural Training: Application to the Battlefield First-Aid Domain

Kilgore, R. and Godwin, J.A

Proceedings from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 54th Annual Meeting,San Francisco, CA (2010)

Pictorial mnemonic devices represent a promising approach to improving the efficiency and efficacy of procedural training in comparison to traditional, text-based materials. In this paper, we described the application of pictorial mnemonic-based approaches to the development of procedural training materials for battlefield first aid. This effort builds upon prior work both by addressing a novel training domain and by presenting a method for leveraging the spatial layout of task symbols within the mnemonic devices to convey branching and conditional task flows for complex procedures. Examples from the novel task symbology and pictorial mnemonic set developed under this effort are presented, and potential applications of these training tools are described. This work sets the stage for follow-on efforts to evaluate the performance benefits of pictorial mnemonic-based materials in support of first-aid training. We believe these examples will aid practitioners to develop pictorial mnemonic training materials for other complex procedural skill domains.

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