Dynamic Application and Model Updating Service

Guarino, S., Wu, C., Campolongo, J., and Rundensteiner, E.

Proceedings of 2010 International Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems (CTS 2010), Chicago, IL (May 2010).

Army Battle Command (BC) applications routinely collaborate to perform BC operations, particularly information collection, management, and analysis. Successful collaboration is highly dependent on timely and efficient access to common authoritative sources of information. These sources must satisfy the dynamic needs of active units, incorporating features that arise only after the initial deployment of the software infrastructure. Therefore, the data models for these sources must also be dynamic and allow for continuous modification while robustly propagating changes to affected applications. The applications then need to remain online (i.e., no recompilation or redeployment) to support ongoing operations while seamlessly adapting to any changes. To support these requirements, we are developing a Dynamic Application and Model Updating System (DYNAMUS). DYNAMUS provides a dynamic data model that includes the metadata required to track and visualize changes to the data model, a Software Development Kit (SDK) that supports the development of dynamic applications, and editing tools that support model architects while preventing application disruptions. These capabilities support timely and non-disruptive distribution of updates while maintaining operational effectiveness, usefulness, interoperability, and multilevel security.

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