Coordinated Sensing and Data Fusion Using Market-Based Optimization

Farnham, C., Serrin, J., Ouellette, J., Jilcott, S., and Schrage, D.

Proceedings from the 2010 National Symposium on Sensor and Data Fusion, Las Vegas, NV (July 2010)

We have developed an approach for distributed sensor management that allows multiple sensors to collaboratively allocate and execute sensing tasks, using market-based optimization to make tasking decisions in a missile defense domain. Existing approaches to sensor management rely on a mostly-centralized approach where tasks come from a central system that handles fusion, but sensors have autonomous control over their own resources. In this paper, we present a novel decentralized approach to sensor management. This approach uses distributed intelligent agents to represent producers of information (sensors) and consumers of information (aggregated as targets) that interact within an electronic market to produce task allocations and data fusion.

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