Improving Scene-based Non-uniformity Correction for Infrared Images Using Frequency Domain Processing

McBride, J., and Snorrason, M.

Proceedings of SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing, Thermosense XXXI, vol. 7299, Orlando, FL (2009)

Scene-Based Non-Uniformity Correction (SBNUC) is an attractive alternative to radiometric calibration for infrared sensors because it does not rely on specialized hardware. The best known approach is Constant Statistics (CS), but it is highly dependant on scene content and the amount of motion present, often introducing a “ghosting” artifact. In this paper, we present a novel approach that applies a variation on CS to both the spatial and frequency domains of the image. The result is a solution which effectively eliminates fixed pattern noise without ghosting and is much less dependant scene content and scene motion than traditional CS.

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