Methods for the Analysis of Social and Organizational Aspects of the Work Domain

Pfautz, S.1 and Pfautz, J.2

Cognitive Work Analysis: Current Applications and Theoretical Challenges, A. Bisantz and C. Burns (Eds.), CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL (October 2008)

Methods for the analysis of social and organizational aspects of the work domain are increasingly relevant as new technologies enable users to collect, process, and study entities and their relationships to design support systems. Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA) practitioners can leverage analytic methods and tools from military intelligence analysis to address the need to understand complex organizations and interactions. These communities are increasingly integrating Social Science methods with computational tools to navigate and understand the network of human related data. This paper provides a brief overview of how CWA tools could be used in conjunction with intelligence analysis techniques and technologies for the analysis of social and organizational aspects of the work domain.

1 National Security Innovations
2 Charles River Analytics

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