A Five-Phase Cognitive Work Analysis for Air Traffic Control: Example from a TRACON Microworld

St-Cyr, O.1 and Kilgore, R.2

Proceedings of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society 52nd Annual Meeting, New York, NY (September 2008)

This paper presents an example of a full Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA) on a TRACON microworld environment, consisting of an airspace surrounding a major airport and its regional satellite airports. Our purpose in applying all five phases of CWA to a single system was to explore methods for leveraging the products of individual phases as inputs to others. All five phases of analysis are outlined in this paper, although the breadth of each analysis represents only a subset of a complete CWA undertaking. Despite the limited breadth, we were able to generate a substantial amount of analytical data and increase our appreciation of the relationships between the domain knowledge elucidated through each phase. This example illustrates the potential design value of performing a CWA for real-world domains across all CWA phases.

1 IBM Canada Limited
Charles River Analytics

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