Meta-Information Representation and Communication

Pfautz, J., Roth, E., Bisantz, A., Jackson, C., Thomas, G., Trafton, G., and Whitaker, R.

Panel Discussion at the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society 51st Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD (October)

Increasingly, the study of cognition and action in complex sociotechnical systems has revealed that humans reason about both information and the qualifications of that information. These qualifications, or meta-information (e.g., pedigree, recency, uncertainty), play a role in human performance across work domains (Pfautz et al., 2006). Meta-information contextualizes information, and therefore can critically influence how a human will process, understand, and act on that information. This panel will discuss the role of meta-information in the design and evaluation of visualization and decision-support systems.

Chair: Jonathan D. Pfautz, Charles River Analytics
Cochair: Emilie M. Roth, Roth Cognitive Engineering
Panelists: Ann M. Bisantz, U. at Buffalo-SUNY; Cullen Jackson, Aptima, Inc.; Gina Thomas, U.S. Air Force Research Lab; J. Gregory Trafton, U.S. Naval Research Lab
Co-author: Randall Whitaker, Northrop Grumman

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