Representing Meta-Information to Support C2 Decision Making

Pfautz, J., Fouse, A., Farry, M., Bisantz, A., & Roth, E.

Proceedings of the International Command and Control Symposium (ICCRTS ’07), Newport, RI (June, 2007).

Aggregating, assimilating, and understanding the ever-larger amounts of heterogeneous information present in network-centric environments presents distinct cognitive challenges to the command and control staff. Under previous efforts, we have detailed our efforts to analyze how qualifiers of information, or meta-information (e.g., uncertainty, recency, pedigree), impact information processing and situational awareness in an already challenging decision-making environment. To date, few existing systems explicitly support the management and representation of meta-information. Here, we describe several specific efforts to develop methods for the representation of meta-information in C2 decision-support tools, including methods to support asset allocation (e.g., for air-based ISR, for addressing ground-based threats, for neutralizing near-space or space-based threats). These methods include techniques for the visual portrayal of meta-information in C2 decision-making systems as well as approaches to the computation, when necessary, of that meta-information. In this paper, we discuss these methods within example domains, and discuss lessons learned for the design of future C2 decision-support systems.

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