Issues and Challenges in Resource Management and its Interaction with Levels 2/3 Fusion with Applications to Real-World Problems: An Annotated Perspective

Blasch, E., Kadar, I., Hintz, K., Biermann, J., Chong, C., Salerno, J., and Das, S.

Proceedings of SPIE Defense & Security, vol. 6567, Orlando, FL (May, 2007)

Resource management (or process refinement) is critical for information fusion operations in that users, sensors, and platforms need to be informed, based on mission needs, on how to collect, process, and exploit data. To meet these growing concerns, a panel session was conducted at the International Society of Information Fusion Conference in 2006 to discuss the various issues surrounding the interaction of Resource Management with Level 2/3 Situation and Threat Assessment. This paper briefly consolidates the discussion of the invited panel panelists. The common themes include: (1) Addressing the user in system management, sensor control, and knowledge based information collection (2) Determining a standard set of fusion metrics for optimization and evaluation based on the application (3) Allowing dynamic and adaptive updating to deliver timely information needs and information rates (4) Optimizing the joint objective functions at all information fusion levels based on decision-theoretic analysis (5) Providing constraints from distributed resource mission planning and scheduling; and (6) Defining L2/3 situation entity definitions for knowledge discovery, modeling, and information projection.

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