Cognitive Complexities Impacting Army Intelligence Analysis

Pfautz, J., Roth, E., Powell, G., Fichtl, T., Goebel, J., and Guarino, S.

Human Factors & Ergonomics Society 50th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA (October, 2006)

The primary goal of this effort was to understand the problems faced by military intelligence analysis personnel as well as how, and to what degree, the identification of these problems could guide the development of computational support systems. To develop this understanding, we performed a literature review, knowledge elicitation interviews and a cognitive task analysis (CTA) in the domain of Army Intelligence Analysis at the Brigade Combat Team. This effort consisted of identifying: (1) the major functions or cognitive tasks entailed in Army Intelligence Analysis; and (2) the complexities in the domain that pose challenges to performance of these cognitive tasks. Identifying the cognitive tasks and the challenges faced in performing those tasks provided a basis for determining opportunities for more effective support of human information processing and decision-making. In this paper, we document selected results of this analysis effort.

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