The SRK Inventory: A Tool for Structuring and Capturing a Worker Competencies Analysis

Kilgore, R.M., and St-Cyr, O.

Human Factors & Ergonomics Society 50th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA (October, 2006)

Worker Competencies Analysis (WCA) is the fifth and final phase of the Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA) framework. Unlike the earlier four phases, there is a dearth of published work illustrating how WCA is conducted within the context of CWA. The lack of concrete examples of the application of WCA has both practical and pedagogical ramifications, making it difficult to perform and understand this phase of analysis. This paper attempts to address this gap. Following a review of the CWA framework, WCA is introduced with the Skill, Rules, and Knowledge (SRK) taxonomy. Then, a methodological tool for structuring and capturing the execution of WCA—the SRK Inventory—is presented. Finally, a practical application of the SRK Inventory to a TRACON microworld is discussed. This paper is intended to serve as a resource to future CWA practitioners and researchers, and to stimulate discussion of methods and tools for better supporting WCA activities.

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