TRACE: An Ontology-based Approach to Generic Traceability Tools for Human Behavior Models

Young, A. and Harper, K.

14th Conference on Behavior Representations in Modeling and Simulation, Universal City, CA (May, 2005)

This paper presents TRACE, a set of generic, ontology-based traceability tools and algorithms that support the human behavior model (HBM) developer/analyst in gaining insight into a given model’s reasoning and decision processes. Developing generic HBM traceability tools presents a number of unique challenges that stem from the wide variety of design philosophies and modeling approaches taken by existing HBM architectures as well as the domains in which they are applied. An ontology is well suited to meet many of these challenges. In this paper we present the reasons we chose an ontology-based approach, illustrate how the TRACE tools are used by the model analyst, and how the meta-information in the ontology is applied to support two specific analysis algorithms that answer why an HBM chose a specific course of action from a number of alternatives.

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