Software Toolkit for Optimizing Mission Plans (STOMP)

Gonsalves, P., and Burge, J.

AIAA 1st Intelligent Systems Technical Conference, Chicago, IL (September, 2004)

Recent military actions have demonstrated the need for addressing time-sensitive and time-critical targeting. The capabilities of precision guided munitions and the further development of strike warfare platforms and tactics portend a huge increase in effectiveness and lethality of air operations and achieving the vision of the US Air Force’s Global Strike Task Force concept. To fully realize the benefits of these strike capable assets and to address the challenges inherent in time-sensitive targeting, decision-support systems are needed to assist warfighters in optimal allocation and near real-time re-deployment of air assets, and to support predictive battlespace awareness. While meeting a specific operational need, additional benefits can accrue through the employment of such decision-support systems for virtual and constructive simulation based training, experimentation, and Command and Control (C2) system evaluation and acquisition. Here, we detail a Software Tookit for Optimizing Mission Plans (STOMP). STOMP integrates a genetic algorithm-based mechanism to rapidly generate, analyze, and visualize mission plans in tandem with software interoperability to provide the requisite interface and connectivity with Air Force C2 systems and synthetic battlespace environments.

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