Histogram-based Color Consistency Test for Voxel Coloring

Stevens, M. R., Culbertson, B., and  Malzbender, T.

Proceedings of ICPRQuebec City, Quebec, Canada (August 2002)

Voxel Coloring has become a popular technique for reconstructing a 3D scene from a set of 2D images. While many different variants of this technique exist, all rely on a test to determine if each voxel is projecting to regions of consistent color in all views of that voxel. A number of color consistency tests can be used and the specific choice has a large influence on the quality of the reconstruction. Earlier work has used variance or the L1 norm. We propose a new form of consistency test, based on histograms, that 1) is more robust at reconstructing textured surfaces, 2) deals properly with RGB color information, and 3) does not require fine tuning of parameters.

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