Individual and Group Behavior Determinants: Inventory, Inferencing, and Applications

Hudlicka, E., Zacharias, G., and Schweitzer, J

Proceedings of the 11th Conference on Computer-Generated Forces and Behavior Representation (May 2003)


A critical component of behavior modeling and prediction is the identification of the variety of factors that influence decision making andperformance. These include both intrinsic factors, termed behavior moderators or individual differences, extrinsic factors, focusing on the operator’s environment, as well as a number of additional internal state factors (e.g., goals, attitudes).We term these factors behavior determinants. Such factors can be identified both for the individual, and for a group, with significant overlap between the two. The objective of this paper is three-fold. First, we describe individual profiles that provide an inventory of behavior determinants. The emphasis is on providing characteristics that are theoretically and empirically motivated, and that are operationalized in sufficient detail to form the basis for formal inferencing. Second, we illustrate how these profiles support formal reasoning to enable in-depth analysis of individual, to identify specific strengths and weaknesses (vulnerabilities). Third, we indicate how these profiles and associated inferencing procedures apply to a variety of tasks of interest in the current asymmetric and OOTW environment. We conclude with a brief outline of a decision-aid that incorporates these concepts and profiles to support “soft” information operations decision aiding: the C2WARS system.

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