Applying Adaptive Control and Display Characteristics to Future Air Force Crew Stations

Haas, M., Nelson, W.T., Repperger, D., Bolia, D., and Zacharias, G.

International Journal of Aviation Psychology, Vol. 11 No. 2, pp 223-246 (April 2001)

The Human Effectiveness Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory is developing and evaluating human-machine interface concepts to enhance overall weapon system performance by embedding knowledge of the operator’s state inside the interface, enabling the interface to make informed, automated decisions regarding many of the interface’s information management display characteristics. Some of these characteristics include information modality, spatial arrangement, and temporal organization. By increasing the ability of the interface to respond, or adapt, to the changing requirements of the human operator in real-time, in essence closing the loop, the interface provides intuitive information management to the operator and provides real-time human engineering.

The closed-loop adaptation of display characteristics is enabled by the availability of three technologies; (1) highly flexible display devices, (2) computational models of situation awareness, workload and operator performance, and (3) direct physiologic and behavioral measurement of the operator. This paper summarizes Air Force Research Laboratory research and development efforts in the areas of multi-sensory switching of display modality, automated display adaptation based on behavioral and physiologic metrics. It also summarizes the development and use of operator state estimation based upon bayesian networks and the integration of physiologic-based pilot state estimation with computational models of situation awareness for the control of display characteristics within future air crew stations.

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