Automated ISR Collection Management System

Gonsalves, P. and Cunningham, R.

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Information Fusion, Montreal (August 2001)

Here we describe an Automated ISR Collection Management System (AICMS) that can conduct dynamic multi-asset synchronization, tasking, and monitoring across multiple echelons. AICMS enhances the collection management process by extracting relevant key information from the available sensor stream to support tactical situation assessment. AICMS can then, in conjunction with the INTEL analyst, specify the key information requirements and generate a collection plan to meet these requirements given a specified set of available collection assets. The main innovation behind the development of AICMS is the incorporation of an automated mechanism for decomposing higher-level information needs into lower more specific information requirements using a Bayesian belief network mechanism combined with a fuzzy logic reasoning mechanism for generating a collection plan to satisfy those information requirements given an available collection asset suite.

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