Intelligent Hostile Urban Threat Agents for MOUT Operations

Harper, K., Ho, S., and Zacharias, G.

Proceedings of the 9th Conference on Computer Generated Forces and Behavior Representation, Orlando, FL (May 2000)

With more military engagements focusing on suppression of rebel and guerilla insurgences in developing nations and politically unstable climates, the need for well-trained troops in close urban combat becomes increasingly vital. The nature of the battlefield changes dramatically in an urban setting, due to the complexities introduced by the environment. To meet the demanding simulation-based training and acquisition requirements in these urban battlespaces, we have developed a prototype Intelligent Hostile Urban Threat (IHUT) agent to be integrated within real-time combat simulation models. The IHUT agents comprise the integration of two software components: 1) a reactive intelligent agent representing the key human activities of visual perception, event detection, information processing, situation assessment and procedurally-driven decision-making; and 2) a physical model of dismounted infantry soldiers capable of emulating realistic movement and action within a simulated urban combat environment. The approach provides for realistic representation of human movement through the simulated environment in real time, and reflects skill-based reactive behavior in that environment as well as limited-scope higher level cognitive task behaviors of situation assessment and planning to accomplish key MOUT mission objectives.

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