Adaptive Human/Machine Interface for Advanced Air Traffic Management

Harper, K., Guarino, S., and Zacharias, G

Proceedings of the AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference, Denver, CO (August 2000)

The development and fielding of distributed air-ground traffic management systems and procedures will dramatically change human roles and responsibilities in the airspace system. These systematic changes will create new challenges for the development of effective human/machine interfaes (HMIs) for air traffic control. Innovative HMIs must be developed to allow controllers to visualize air traffic information and rapidly identify airspace areas where controller intervention is required without creating information overload or excessive workload. We have demonstrated the feasibility of developing a situation-adaptive HMI for advanced ATM operations incorporating two key functions: 1) a means of generating a high-level computational assessment of the current air traffic situation; and 2) a methodology for generating a situation-adaptive interface, so that what the operator sees and hears can be interpreted accurately in the context of the current air traffic environment. Our approach offers the potential to support controller situation awareness (SA) through intelligent management of HMI content and format.

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