Intelligent Threat Assessment Processor (ITAP) using Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic

Gonsalves, P., Cunningham, R., and Ton, N.

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Information Fusion, Paris, France (July 2000)

The explosive growth in the area of information technology provides a tremendous opportunity for enhancing military war fighting capabilities. The management and processing of military intelligence information, the requisite assessment of enemy capabilities, intent, and objectives, and the generation of appropriate response recommendation for a critical element of battlespace operations. Here, we develop an Intelligent Threat Assessment Processor (ITAP) for enhancing tactical threat assessment. Our novel system integrates a genetic algorithm approach to predicting enemy courses of actions (eCOAs), a fuzzy logic-based analysis of predicted eCOAs to infer enemy intent and objectives, and in conjunction with our ongoing development of an Intelligent Fusion and Asset Management Processor (IFAMP), provides the necessary functionality to support multi-level data fusion. We see considerable potential for this approach in enhancing existing tactical decision-aiding systems and addressing future information dominated battlespace requirements.

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