Command and Control Warfare Analysis and Reasoning System (C2WARS)

Hudlicka, E., Schweitzer, G., and Zacharias, G.

Proceedings of the Fiesta Crow 99: Information Operations Going Global Conference, San Antonio, TX (April 1999)

We describe a Command and Control Warfare Analysis and Reasoning System (C2WARS), designed to assist the commander in information campaign planning, C2WARS provides aiding by automating key tasks of the IO/IW process, using artificial intelligence reasoning methods. C2WARS provides aiding at three distinct levels of abstraction, depending on the needs of the commander/analyst and the information available. At the lowest level of abstraction, C2WARS provides visualizations of the available data and simple data fusion functions. At the middle level of abstraction, C2WARS assists the commander / analyst in situation assessment, by combining available psychological information about the adversary with critical mission needs. Finally, at the highest level of abstraction, C2WARS suggests specific strategies and tactics for key IO/IW planning tasks, based on psychological characterizations of the potential targets and the mission objectives. C2WARS suggests generic strategies and specific tactics, derived from a knowledge-base containing detailed psychological profile of the key adversary individuals and groups. These include information about the individual’s personality, cognitive abilities and decision-making style, specific skills, education, and training, and individual history data, and relevant demographic and social information. These psychological profiles, and the associated inferencing procedures, form the core of C2WARS decision aiding. C2WARS aiding function are equally applicable for C2-attack and C2-protect operations.

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