A Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Architecture for Battlefield Information Fusion

Gonsalves, P., Rinkus, G., Das, S., and Ton, N.

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Information Fusion, Sunnyvale, CA (July 1999)

The processing of tactical information and the associated situation assessment of the tactical battlefield is a major task for military personnel. Significant effort has been made in countering this challenge with advances in sensor capabilities and enhancements in avionics, electronics and C4I (command, control, communications, computer and intelligence) systems. This rapid evolution must be met with concomitant advances in information fusion and situation assessment. Additionally, a rapid verifiable means is needed in situ for management of sensor and information assets. Here, an on-going effort to develop a hybrid artificial intelligence architecture for battlefield information fusion is described. The architecture incorporates three distinct modules: a low-level information fusion module incorporating a fuzzy expert system manager; a situation assessment module incorporating a fuzzy logic based event detector and a Bayesian belief network component for generating probability measures of situational state; and a fuzzy expert system based module for collection or sensor management.

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