Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Charles River Analytics Inc., developer of intelligent systems solutions, has partnered with the University of Southern California, Harvard University, the University of Birmingham, and Metron, to develop Probabilistic Representation of Intent Commitments to Ensure Software Survival (PRINCESS). In our PRINCESS effort, part of DARPA’s BRASS program, we developed methods that would allow an unmanned underwater vehicle’s (UUV’s) software to adapt to change, both within the UUV itself and in its external ecosystem.

"We envision military software that can make significant adaptations on its own,” said Dr. Avi Pfeiffer, Chief Scientist at Charles River Analytics and Principal Investigator on our PRINCESS effort. “With PRINCESS, we are closer to software that can quickly and autonomously adapt to changes in its environment."


A REMUS 600 autonomous underwater vehicle (U.S. Navy photo by John F. Williams/Released). Our PRINCESS effort incorporates machine learning and probabilistic modeling to build adaptable software systems.

Learn more about PRINCESS.