Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Charles River Analytics Inc., developer of intelligent systems solutions, proudly announces that Stephanie Kane, one of our Human Effectiveness Senior Scientists, has been chosen as a Chair for the Human-Autonomy Teaming Session at the International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration (IHSI) 2019. The prestigious conference will take place on 7-10 February 2019 in San Diego, CA.


“This is a great opportunity to talk about the unique complexities and challenges of long duration autonomy,” said Kane.

The IHSI 2019 Conference provides a global forum for discussing state-of-art solutions to better integrate humans with intelligent technologies. The interdisciplinary IHSI 2019 Conference—which includes attendees from industry, government, and education—will specifically focus on advancing human-machine teaming. This conference will also investigate the underlying complexity of the most profound problems currently faced by contemporary society.

Kane and Drew Housten, a Senior Software Engineer in our Sensing, Perception, and Applied Robotics (SPAR) division, will also present challenges specific to long-duration autonomy, especially in dynamic, intermittent, latent environments.