Charles River Analytics conducts leading-edge AI, robotics, and human-machine interface R&D and leverages that R&D to create custom solutions for your organization.

At Charles River Analytics, we come to work every day because we want to develop technology for the hardest human-machine teaming problems that impact critical operations and decision-making. In 1983, we began focusing on research that leads to results, initially working for the US government. We became an employee-owned company in 2012, setting the stage for the next generation of innovation, service, and growth. Today, we have nearly 200 employees who work on R&D and commercial programs that make a difference for a “who’s who” of government and industry.

We have a stellar track record developing successful solutions for Government and commercial clients across a diverse collection of markets—defense, intelligence, medical technology, training, transportation, space, and cybersecurity. Our success is based on our expertise with advanced algorithms, machine learning, autonomous systems, advanced human-system interfaces, and agile software and hardware engineering. Focused research can make a positive difference, and that is our goal on each project we undertake. Our customer-centric focus guides us towards problems that matter, while our passion for science and engineering drives us to find impactful, actionable solutions.  


Be the most effective, customer-focused provider of innovative R&D solutions for increasingly complex and important human-systems challenges


  • Develop innovative solutions to complex human-systems challenges in Unmanned Systems, Decision Support, Human Behavior, and Advanced Training Platforms…
  • …by exploiting and extending our expertise in Information Fusion, Computational Intelligence, and Human-Computer Interaction…
  • …and by excelling in activities across fundamental science and technology areas, responsive research and development services, and innovative deployed products, with a customer focus at all times.
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