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Chief Scientist Delivers Tutorial at 7th International Conference on Information Fusion

Dr. Subrata Das, Chief Scientist at Charles River Analytics, delivered two tutorials at the 7th International Conference on Information Fusion, the world’s premiere conference on information fusion for Industry, Academia, and Defense organizations. The Conference has become particularly important as Information Fusion has become a technology focus for countries facing terrorist threats.

“The future of warfare is asymmetric,” says Dr. Das. “To effectively handle terrorist organizations, military power is only effective if it obtains the right information at the right time, to protect vital interests vulnerable to potential attacks. In this environment, it is critical for countries dealing with asymmetric threats to both quickly assess situations and threats using data across multiple sensors and sources, and also derive appropriate recommendations for action.”

Dr. Das’ tutorials covered Situation Assessment, the process of integrating sensor reports to produce hypotheses of interest to military commanders and intelligence analysts, and Response Recommendation, the process of selecting the best course of action in a given situation. The interactive sessions offered conference attendees an overview of the state of the art in Situation Assessment and Response Recommendation technologies. They also included theoretical details and practical applications of these cutting edge techniques.

Dr. Das also chaired a session on Distributed Information Fusion at the conference.

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